Our Purpose

HBG Foundation is a non-profit organization created to support charitable causes around Dallas Fort Worth through service and financial assistance. Our goal is to improve people's quality of life and help other causes provide more impact to the community.

The foundation was created by the principals of Home Buying Guys as a way to bring even more value to communities across Texas and Oklahoma and to support other worthy charities. Home Buying Guys specializes in buying homes to remodel through their cash home buyer websites and local real estate network.

Home Buying Guys will designate a portion of sales to HBG Foundation as well as raise money to give to selected charities.
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The HomeBuyingGuy's team will work to host community service events. Our goal is to partner in a local service project once a quarter.

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A portion of every profit from a HomeBuyingGuy's transaction will go into the Foundation. We also accept donations throughout the year from businesses and individuals like you! If you would like to contribute please follow the link below.

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HBG Foundation Club

A charity club that will strive to engage our circle of influence to grow the financial impact the HBG Foundation can make exponentially.

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HBG Membership

Become A Member! This charity fund is made up of individuals who make a commitment of $100 maximum donation each quarter. The HBG fund is a way for the HomeBuyingGuys foundation to engage all the personal and professional relationships we have to help a greater good.

Each member of the fund will have an equal platform to suggest and pitch which non-profit  organization they would like the club's quarterly funds to be donated to.  
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HBG Membership


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