HBG Foundation Club

HBG Foundation Club: 

What is it? 

This charity fund is made up of individuals who make a commitment of $100 maximum donation each quarter. The HBG fund is a way for the HomeBuyingGuys foundation to engage all the personal and professional relationships we have to help a greater good.

How does it work? 

Each member of the fund will have an equal platform to suggest and pitch which non-profit  organization they would like the club's quarterly funds to be donated to.  All members of the fund will have an equal vote.


The moment HomeBuyingGuys made their first dollar the Mitchells & Dotys knew they wanted to be the type of company that paid it forward. But where do you start with so many great organizations and causes that rely on donations? This model allows flexibility to maximize how and where we can help.

If you would like to become a member of the HBG Foundation Club  or would like more information, please email Rachael@HomeBuyingGuys.com