Volunteering Opportunities-

Volunteerism is big part of the HBG Foundation model. Because of the nature of their business, Adam & Lance have connections with many local professionals. They hope to use these relationships to create a network of volunteers that can help with community projects.

Often, when social service organizations or other non-profits start a facility, they need help upgrading the physical plant. Finding volunteers with specific skills will help these groups focus their budgets on improving the lives of their clients rather than paying contractors. These same volunteers might be called to offer their renovation services to families in need of help.

Stemming from a family-owned business, The HBG Foundation wants to create opportunities for families and friends to serve together. In addition to remodeling and renovation help, they hope to build an extensive list of general volunteers who can assist with community efforts. If a charitable organization needs extra people to make its next fundraiser a success, the HBG Foundation hopes to provide the personnel they require. Volunteering together is a wonderful way for families to grow closer and learn the importance of giving back.

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If you have an idea for an upcoming service project please email Rachael@HomeBuyingGuys.com